Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Image taken by Meghan of Chicka Artistica
Image was taken by Meghan of Chicka Artistica

I hope when you read that line above you sang/rapped/yelled it in your best Jay-Z/HOV voice!

My name is Stacy! Welcome to Four Souls Photography! I capture the memories of your families and high school seniors!

I said reintroduce as I owned a photography business back in 2007 under a different name. Life changed so much since that time. The biggest of course is going from a family of three to six.

Four Souls was born this past Spring 2022. I’ll save that story for another day but know that the amazing female-focused supportive community at AWL Creative had a huge part in my story! I’ll use this space to share sessions as well as personal things. {Hopefully, someone besides my momma will read and support this space.}

So there I’m back! My name is Stacy, sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio, moon rising in Taurus, manifesting generator 1/3, will travel for vegan food, love Beyonce, coffee is a must, and love long walks on the beach! HA!! That last part is a terrible dad joke!

Photographer in yellow and jeans on the beach in Delaware

Hey friends!

Are you ready?


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