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hello lovelies!

My favorite things in the world are coffee {we have an ah-maz-ing expresso maker} Beyonce & Gilmore Girls, and when I’m not shooting you’ll find me watching our kids play basketball. Seriously, our younger kids BOTH are on travel basketball teams. I couldn’t live without BLACK yoga pants, my friends and family oh, AND 90's music... think Digital Underground, Spice Girls, Janet, Sinead O'Connor, Tribe Called Quest, Greenday.... you get the picture { at least I hope}. I spend a lot of time wandering the aisles of Target & or Home Goods and nothing makes me happier than laughing with my friends.

Photographer by trade, momma by heart, and empowered by espresso 

I’m Stacy

In the far from everything lovely town of Stephens City, but I work all over the Northern Virginia area.

My love of photographing my kids is what got me into family photography but I photograph seniors and businesses {known as branding} and love it all! I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years and it's my favorite job ever. My photography style is chilled, fun & laid back. I just love capturing all the beautiful, fleeting moments because I know how important legacy is for my awesome families, and the best thing about being a photographer is that I get to create art and meet loads of new people.

I’m Stacy and I’m a fun family, newborn, photographer 

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looking for a photographer who can deal with teenagers who would rather be locked away in their bedroom

something beautiful together

You are in good hands.  I will make the shoot entertaining, easy, and totally gets you – and that’s what I do!

Your shoot is all about one of the following -getting beautiful photos of your kids before they become AMAZING teenagers or -you're ready to rebrand that kicka$$ business you worked your booty off for or - you're making memories. Whether it’s your first family photos, a gift for the grandparents, or to bless your grid on the gram, I promise you’ll enjoy yourselves and get some kick-a$$ photos thrown into the bargain.  Let's create

don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs!


 I love hands! I enjoy catching moments that would otherwise slip away.


To re-live the hugs, love, laughter, and good times. Your legacy is to be handed down for generations!




Thank you, Stacy, for your time and talent spent on us. You art is incredible - I am still in awe of how you captured my heart through your lenses.



My jaw has literally dropped at every single one. I'm speechless, seriously. I haven't felt super comfortable being in front of the camera since having the baby and you made me feel beautiful! I'm tearing up looking at all these pictures because they're absolutely amazing.

Absolutely perfect

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 I prefer oat milk in my coffee, coconut water in my smoothies, and spring water (no lemon)! Save the lemon for tequila {of which I drink on occasion}

My Daily Espresso

shots. everybody.

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I'm a momma of FOUR children. In order, they are born winter, spring, summer, and fall, girl, boy, girl, boy. They are 24, 23, 13 & 9. Our children are my why. 


girl, boy, girl, boy mom

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I've been vegan since February 2011. Thanks to a good friend and the book Skinny Bitch. Back when there was only one dairy-free cheese and it wasn't that good. The goal was try it for 30 days, my life was forever changed!  I eat gluten so you don't have to!


will travel for vegan food

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Custom family photo sessions are a rare indulgence and something everyone should experience {at least once}. Sessions with Four Souls Photography are fun, relaxed, natural, and free. I won't make you sit through stiff, super-posed shots. Together. we want your images to be real, spontaneous, and fresh.

When you invest in a session with me, you deserve my full focus and attention toward making sure you receive the kind of images you have pictured and my hope, a few extra surprises, too.



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Sharing my one-stop hub for time and money-saving solutions.  Explore a curated collection of my personal favorites, along with recommended books and a handpicked selection of favorite things, all designed to help you make the most of your resources.  

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