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There is something magical about your baby being born and you bringing him/her home from the hospital.

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fresh 48 session

baby's first days:

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let's plan for your babies arrival

You did it!  You will have given birth to your sweet bundle of joy.

The precious bean you have waited so long to meet.  They are here and honestly I want to help you remember it all.  

Because let's face it the hospital can feel like a whirlwind and you could be totally sleep deprived.  

After the Excitement of giving birth...It's time to capture those first few moments of being a new parent.

First 48 hours of baby's life

Just born but not too thrilled about having a photographer in the birth space?  
An alternative to birth coverage is the fresh 48 or visiting hours.  {can be in the privacy or your hospital room or home}

Images from this less than 1-hour birth place session feel remarkably like birth photography minus the pushing.

Think skin-to-skin, nursing, meeting older brother & or sister or grandparents.

Love the idea of capturing your baby...

Preserving the early days of your baby's life & the love that surrounds them.

During this often less than 1-hour session, we focus on preserving the raw emotions and connections that unfold as you bring your baby home. It's a time of tender bonding, joy, and adjusting to the new addition to your family. My goal is to create images that reflect the pure love and happiness that fills the air during these cherished hours.

You can relish in the comfort and privacy of your own home, allowing Stacy to capture the most natural and intimate moments without intrusion. She strives to create a relaxed and stress-free environment, ensuring that you and your little one can simply be yourselves while she documents the genuine moments of your growing family.

In 25 years, your children will treasure these photographs as a window into their legacy and the loving moments that surrounded their early days. They won't look at your post-baby body and say, "Oh, look, Mom didn't 'bounce' back!" Instead, they will see the beautiful bond, the strength, and the joy that radiates from you as their mother.

connections and the incredible journey as you bring your bundle of joy home.

Let Stacy be there to capture the heartwarming 

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So those images over there are from my 3rd baby... the one after her is now almost 10.  

So let's face it I love what I do for many reasons like I'm obsessed with capturing baby moments...but the biggest is I'm finished having babies and want to get my dose of irresistible baby goodness.

My not-so-secret baby fix!


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within 3 weeks i'll deliver your full gallery for downloading and sharing with family & friends!

the fun part

We will meet and capture your sweet new bundle of joy

cuddle time

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I know it sounds to good to be true.

To learn more about our "Fresh 48" or "Visiting Hours" sessions and to secure your spot on our calendar, reach out to us today. I can't wait to help you preserve these precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Fresh 48 or Visiting Hours

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You will have lots of people wanting you to rest, therefore my goal is to be in and out within an hour, ensuring a quick and efficient session that captures those precious moments.

How long does the "Fresh 48" or "Visiting Hours" session typically last?

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Can we include siblings or other family members in the session?

Absolutely! I insist on including siblings, grandparents, and any other family members who are excited to be a part of the session. These moments are about celebrating the love and connection within your growing family.

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What should we expect during the session?

During the session, I will be there to capture the genuine moments of feeding, changing, and snuggling with your new bundle of joy. I aim to document the beautiful chaos and tenderness of those early bonding moments. Oh, and don't worry about removing those hospital bracelets just yet – they make for unique and sentimental details that I'll capture as well!

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How soon after the session will we receive the edited photographs?

Within three weeks, I'll carefully curate and edit the photographs from your session. You will receive your stunning gallery through a private online gallery link, allowing you to relive those precious moments and share them with loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe in preserving the authentic, raw, and heartfelt connections that unfold during this magical time, creating cherished memories that will transport you back to the overwhelming love and joy of bringing your little one home.

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Capturing the first moments of a lifetime

"Becoming a mother is discovering strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed." - Linda Wooten

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