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10 FAQs for a Photo Session: Photography Session with FSP

I understand that preparing for a photography session involves various questions.  Here are 10 frequently asked questions (10 FAQs for a Photo session)to help you navigate your photography experience with Four Souls Photography:

10 FAQs for a Photo session | Women holding baby with no hair and they both have on white
10 FAQs for a Photo session

1. What types of photography sessions do you offer?

At FSP, I specialize in various sessions, including family, maternity, newborn, high school seniors, and female small business entrepreneur photography.

BW image of a girl with off the shoulder shirt on. | taken by Four Souls Photography

2. How can I book a session with Four Souls Photography?

Booking your session is simple!  As a busy mom, I understand the value of time. That’s why I strive to streamline the process as much as possible. To get started, simply click HERE to fill out my contact form. Whether you’re ready to book a session or have any questions, this form is your first step. Rest assured, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.  {note the calendars drop quarterly}

3. What should I expect during the photography session?

Our sessions are personalized and catered to your preferences.  Expect a relaxed and enjoyable experience where we’ll capture natural moments while I guide you through actions that lead to poses, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout.  I love it when there is dancing involved and my clients love to laugh!

Color headshot of female in scrubs
Black and white image of female in scrubs.

4. What should I wear for the photoshoot?

Selecting the right attire for your session is essential. I advise coordinating outfits, avoiding overly busy patterns (especially for group shots), and choosing comfortable clothing that mirrors your personal style. For families, I recommend moms dress themselves first, then coordinate the rest of the family’s outfits accordingly. To assist you in your selection process, I offer a convenient shoppable guide. Remember, I’m always just a text message away if you need any further assistance.

Tween girls holding hands looking at the camera smiling. | 10 FAQ's for a Photo Session

5. How long will it take to receive my edited photographs?

The editing process typically takes between 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of session and the season.  (workload hello photographers busy season)  I strive to deliver high-quality edited images promptly while ensuring attention to detail.

Image of a computer and canon camera

6. Can I request specific locations for the photoshoot?

Absolutely!  I’m open to location suggestions based on your preferences.  Whether it’s at a scenic outdoor spot or in the comfort of your home, we’ll work together to choose the perfect setting for your session. The session below made the request for Manassas Battlefield.

Image of couple expecting a baby with the blue sky over their head.

7. Do you offer printing or framing services?

Yes, I offer professional printing services for your photographs.  Additionally, you can order not only framed prints but canvas and additional wall art within your online gallery.  This allows you to display your cherished images beautifully. Additionally, the boutique store offers prints, photo boxes, albums, and much more.

Printed prints on a table
Open album image taken by Four Souls Photography

8. What if someone is sick?

Rescheduling is usually a last resort thanks to a very full calendar. If someone is sick, however, let me know as soon as you can so we can reschedule. Your safety is my priority.  I will always reschedule if I am sick.

9. Can I bring props or specific items for the session?

Absolutely!  Bringing personal items or props that hold significance to you or your family can add a unique touch to your photographs and make the session more meaningful.

Mother & daughter photo session mom is leaning on the wall.

10. What happens if the weather is unfavorable on the day of the outdoor session?

In case of inclement weather, we’ll stay in touch to reschedule your outdoor session for a more suitable day, ensuring optimal conditions for your photoshoot.  I monitor the weather closely leading up to our session.  It’s so hard to trust the weather reports, so unless you hear otherwise from me, we’re still on (some of the best light is on a cloudy day) However, if it’s storming, we’ll need to find another time or day.

8 month old baby girl laying on her belly


I hope these 10 FAQs for a Photo Session: Photography Session with Four Souls Photography help address some of your queries regarding your photography session with Four Souls Photography.  

Hi beautiful soul! I’m so happy to have you here. I’m Stacy the owner of Four Souls Photography, celebrating all stages of life—be it the excitement of maternity, the tender beginnings of newborns, the vibrant energy of families, the milestones of high school seniors, or the empowering journeys of female small business entrepreneurs. 

I’m dedicated to crafting timeless portraits that narrate your unique journey. There you have it. “10 FAQs for a Photo Session” is home. For an intimate and personalized in-home family session that celebrates your unique story, let’s connect. and weave the tale of your family’s love and laughter through my lens. Not quite ready… stay up-to-date and get the scoop on when the calendar opens up. Get on the VIP newsletter list for sneak peeks, special offers, and insider info on upcoming sessions.



Legacy (n) The story of my soul that I left behind.


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