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Ok, so I’m writing this a couple of days after Christmas, but I wanted to get my thoughts out for the years that follow. Think Christmas in July, that would be a good and safe time to start getting excited about all of the colors, festivities, and above all else, the photo opportunities. It may sound like planning ahead, but there’s magic in the idea of celebrating Christmas in July and capturing those precious moments early.

7 Christmas Themed Photoshoot Ideas to Try with Your Kids

Why wait until December when you can kickstart the festive cheer sooner? Taking your Christmas photos earlier offers a ton of benefits beyond just beating the holiday rush.

Picture this: stress-free moments where you can savor the excitement, explore various themes, and create heartwarming memories without the hustle and bustle that typically engulfs November and December.

One of the best parts? Sharing your early Christmas photos with loved ones! Imagine the delight on their faces when they receive your holiday cards or messages adorned with your cheerful, pre-festive snapshots. Plus, getting those silly, spontaneous photos is a breeze when you’re all gathered, adorning the house with ornaments and wrapping paper, and pretending it’s Christmas before the snow even starts to fall.

Starting early means more time for creativity, fewer time constraints, and the freedom to craft a holiday experience that’s not just magical but also stress-free. It also is helpful to get on your chosen photographer’s calendar as early as possible. So, let’s indulge in the joy of celebrating Christmas a little earlier this year and capture those merry moments to cherish forever!

If you love taking photos of your children, you’re probably already dreaming up a few photo ideas for the holidays – I have a few to get you started.

Sibling image girl, boy and boy

7 Christmas-Themed Photoshoot Ideas to Try with Your Kids

1. What’s Christmas without cookies? If you have a little one who loves cookies, dress them up in a cute outfit or even like an elf and capture them stealing a few of the cookies you’ve left out for Santa.

Remember to get all sorts of angles. I am a sucker for hands. There is something so magical about our hands that tells a story. Don’t forget to pull out the camera when you’re baking it’s the perfect opportunity to capture the unposed images as well.

2. All that glitters. If your children are slightly older, you can get some beautiful shots by simply adding a little glitter to the mix. To capture this unique shot, zoom in and get your child to blow beautiful glitter out of their hand.

IF glitter is your thing! And if the thought makes you feel like pulling your hair out it’s ok, take them out back and do it there.

3. Dress the trees. Have a lovely tree outside or live near a park? Dress your kids up, decorate a portion of the tree with brightly-colored baubles, and get them to pose underneath it.

You can also do this while out shopping for your Christmas Tree. Pack a bag with a few ornaments and place a few in the tree.

4. Elves love pillow fights. For something more playful, dress your kids up in matching pajamas to fit in with the Christmas theme, add some bunting to the room, and get them to have a playful pillow fight while you capture the action.

If you do this grab some white bedding and place it on the bed. That will help set the scene a bit more and allow the colors in the pajamas to pop!

5. Santa’s sleepy helper. If your child is still little, you can capture so many cute shots of them while they sleep. From placing them on top of a red Santa sack stuffed with pillows to capturing them fast asleep on a children’s Christmas book, there are lots of ways to get some sweet, sleepy shots.

Ok, this one can be tricky if you don’t have a sound sleeper. If that’s the case have them fake sleep. These images can turn out just as fabulous.

6. The baker. Of the many things that are great about Christmas, food is one of them, so why not take your camera into the kitchen and capture your children baking in their Christmas

My younger kids at the time of writing this are 10 & 13. When my 13-year-old and I went to the kitchen to bake the cookies and cinnamon buns this year I still whipped out the camera to capture her mixing and pouring.

7. The reindeer and his friend. If your pets are a big part of your life, get your children and your pets to wear a pair of reindeer antlers and capture a few fun, giggly shots.

Chances are if you have pets they are best friends with your kids. Get on the floor with them and capture them loving on each other and playing.

7 Christmas Themed Photoshoot Ideas to Try with Your Kids


Christmas is such a fun, colorful time of the year that it’s almost impossible to run out of inspiration
for your photo and once you get going, you’ll soon think of many more ideas that you and your children will love!

Hi beautiful soul! I’m so happy to have you here. I’m Stacy the owner of Four Souls Photography, celebrating all stages of life—be it the excitement of maternity, the tender beginnings of newborns, the vibrant energy of families, the milestones of high school seniors, or the empowering journeys of female small business entrepreneurs. I’m dedicated to crafting timeless portraits that narrate your unique journey. 

Ok, break out your camera this season. “7 Christmas-Themed Photoshoot Ideas to Try with Your Kids”.  Here’s to dressing up and creating memories that last a lifetime!  If these ideas help you and you would prefer a professional to capture them for you I would love to help celebrate your unique story, let’s connect. and weave the tale of your love and laughter through my lens. Not quite ready… stay up-to-date and get the scoop on when the calendar opens up. Get on the VIP newsletter list for sneak peeks, special offers, and insider info on upcoming sessions.



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