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Do you know someone who is or is recently welcoming a newborn into your life?  It’s such an extraordinary journey filled with countless precious moments.  While traditional newborn photoshoots often occur within the first 10 days after birth, there’s an equally enchanting beauty in waiting until your little one is older to capture those early memories.  I’m passionate about embracing the unconventional and celebrating the uniqueness of every family’s story and capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos at home in a nontraditional way.  Additionally, there is something special about being in the comfort of your own home for your newborn session, not only for your sweet baby but for momma as well.

Color image of a one-month old baby on his back in a white onesie with black triangles and plus signs on it.

The beauty of Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos at Home: F & N welcome baby Donell home from the hospital a month before our session.

In the heartwarming journey of parenting, every story is unique, and filled with triumphs, surprises, and cherished moments.  Today, I’m honored to share the heartfelt tale of F & N – a couple whose story is woven with love, resilience, and the beauty of embracing individual paths.

African American couple expecting a baby leaning against a brick wall
Color image of a close up of the parents hands on the moms expectant belly.

A Journey of Anticipation and Love

F & N, first-time parents, embarked on a remarkable journey as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their little one.  With F’s endearing connection to her nieces and nephews and her active involvement in the community, the excitement surrounding the birth of their baby was palpable.  Everyone early anticipated this loving couple’s journey into parenthood. 

24-hour old newborn at the hospital in the bassinet
Black & White image of a new dad holding his son.
Color image of a new mom holding her newborn son on her lap in the hospital bed.

However, as life often unfolds, the birth story doesn’t follow the anticipated script.  Despite F’s determined efforts for a natural birth, circumstances led to a C-section delivery.  While adjusting to this unexpected turn, the pressure on new moms to hurry and capture those initial baby moments loomed. 

Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos | Newborn boy laying over moms shoulder

Prioritizing Recovery and Comfort: A Different Approach

Amidst the post-birth stress, F reached out to me, expressing that while she was ready to capture her sweet boy.  She still needed some time to recover, but she was concerned as it was moving out of those first 10-day stages most photographers wait for.  As a testament to her caring nature, I reassured her, emphasizing the significance of her recovery and well-being over rushed photography sessions.  Our conversations center around taking the necessary time for her recovery journey, emphasizing that capturing these moments could happen in their time, at their pace.

Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos | Newborn baby laying on his back sleeping.
Newborn fingers | Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos

Embracing Comfort and Ease: The Decision for an In-Home Session

As time passed and baby Donell grew, the focus remained on F’s well-being and comfort.  Understanding the importance of a relaxed environment for new parents, we collectively decided that an in-home session would be the perfect fit.  This choice allowed F & N to celebrate their baby’s early days in the cozy embrace of their own home- a safe space filled with warmth, familiarity, and love. This is where we decided to capture month-old newborn photos in their home.

New family sitting on their bed with baby.
Dad feeding his son on the bed.

Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos

During our discussions, F graciously shared her thoughts on three key aspects:

Q: Tell me about your favorite part of your maternity session.

A: “Watching all the different moments you were able to capture!.”

Q: Was there something that surprised you about your session?

A: “How it was all about the baby.  Everything was on his time!  Nothing was rushed.”

Q: Which of the session images from your session was your favorite?

A: “When he is laying on my shoulder smiling”

One month old smiling baby laying over his moms shoulder.

Tips for a Successful Month-Old Newborn Photoshoot at Home

Natural Lighting:  When possible I aim to utilize the soft, natural light filtering through windows to create a gentle and warm ambiance for your photos.  Often this just means a simple opening of blinds/curtains so that the natural light can shine in.

Comfortable Setting:  We will choose cozy spots in your home where your baby feels most comfortable, whether it’s the nursery, family room, or even the master bedroom.  Some of my favorite images take place in the master bedroom. It allows us to see just how small your sweet newborn truly is.  

Personal Touches:  Incorporate meaningful items, such as heirloom blankets or nursery decorations, to add a personal and sentimental touch to the photos.  This can look like capturing your new one in their crib or bassinet.

Black and white image of a newborn baby in a baseball uniform.
White bookcase in a newborns room.
Black and white newborn image with a baseball uniform on and a mitt and ball in the image as well.

Conclusion: Capturing Moments in Their Own Time

Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos – To F & N: Your journey is a testament to the strength of love, the beauty of resilience, and the importance of embracing one’s pace.  As you navigate this new chapter, know that at FSP, it’s not just about the photographs; it’s about honoring your journey and capturing the genuine essence of your family’s story, whenever the time feels right to you.

Mom holding her son on the bed smiling.
New parents holding their son with black shirts on.
Newborn in moms hands showing his full head of hair.

For all the incredible parents out there, remember that the beauty of parenthood lies in cherishing each moment, at your own pace.

Hi beautiful soul! I’m so happy to have you here. I’m Stacy the owner of Four Souls Photography, celebrating all stages of life—be it the excitement of maternity, the tender beginnings of newborns, the vibrant energy of families, the milestones of high school seniors, or the empowering journeys of female small business entrepreneurs. I’m dedicated to crafting timeless portraits that narrate your unique journey.

There you have it. “Capturing Month-Old Newborn Photos at Home” in a nontraditional way. For an intimate and personalized in-home newborn session that celebrates your unique story, let’s connect. and allow me to follow your baby’s cues, so you can relax and go with the flow. Not quite ready… stay up-to-date and get the scoop on when the calendar opens up. Get on the VIP newsletter list for sneak peeks, special offers, and insider info on upcoming sessions.



Legacy (n) The story of my soul that I left behind.


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