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Summer Fun Starts Now | Summer Bucket List. Northern Virginia Summer Bucket List for Kids (part 2) Hey, momma, kids are out of school now what?

Summer Fun Starts Now | Summer Bucket List. – Part 2 is here, the bucket list for kids.

6️⃣ Outdoor Movie Nights: Grab your blanket and snacks for an enchanting movie night under the stars. Many parks and community centers host outdoor movie screenings throughout the summer. It’s a cozy and magical experience for the whole family.

Part Two Unleashed |Daughter kissing mom on the cheek.  Image by Four Souls Photography | Summer Break Begins

7️⃣ Local Events and Festivals: Keep an eye on the calendar for exciting events and festivals happening in your area. From food festivals and music concerts to community parades, and carnivals, there’s something for everyone. Embrace the vibrant spirit of our community.

Part Two Arrives | Nine year old boy standing in the street. | End of School Year
Northern Virginia | Siblings posed in the street in black and white.

Summer Fun Starts Now | Summer Bucket List.

8️⃣ Volunteer and Give Back: Make a difference in your community by getting involved in local volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, a food drive, or assisting at an animal shelter, lending a helping hand is an incredible way to spend your summer.

Schools out | Color image of father and son.

9️⃣ Sports and Outdoor Games: Get active and enjoy sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, or frisbee golf at local parks or sports complexes. Organize friendly competitions with friends or join summer sports leagues for a chance to showcase your skills.

Part 2 Summer Bucket List |Two toddler boys sitting on the front steps of a home.

🔟 Sweet Treats Galore: Beat the summer heat with delicious frozen treats! Indulge in ice cream, frozen yogurt, or tasty popsicles from local ice cream shops and dessert spots. It’s the perfect way to cool down and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Part 2 | Three year old boy climbing a fence.  Summer Fun Starts Now  | Summer Bucket List.
Summer Fun Starts Now | Summer Bucket List.

Let’s make this summer one to remember, filled with laughter, adventures, and incredible experiences. Grab your family and friends, check off each item on your Northern Virginia summer bucket list, and create lifelong memories along the way. 🌞❤️. Did you know I have a newsletter? I will send out my family’s personal summer bucket checklist to my subscribers. Be sure to sign up to keep up with all things Four Souls Photography. I would love to see if you and your family enjoy some of these activities. Please tag me on Instagram @foursoulsphotography. I can’t wait to see your family’s summer fun.



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