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Capturing the Beauty of Newborns in Mom and Dad’s Arms!: Embracing the Serenity {in photos}

Capturing the Beauty of Newborns in Mom & Dad’s Arms!!!!

Take photos of Newborns in Mom & Dad’s Arms!

Ok, I repeated that a few times but hear me out there’s a reason!

As a mother of four, I understand the indescribable joy and overwhelming love that fills your heart when you bring your precious bundle of joy home. Those early days are truly magical, and the desire to hold your newborn close and cherish every precious moment is irresistible. That’s why, as a photographer, I believe in capturing the essence of newborns in the loving arms of their parents, rather than focusing on posed setups or elaborate props. In the photos I take loved ones should be the ones holding the newborns.

I love looking at the stunning images my colleagues capture of newborns all wrapped up snug as a bug. I truly do. I actually use to photograph them the exact same way. But I stopped.

The Power of Connection: There’s an undeniable bond between a newborn and their parents, an intimate connection that can’t be replicated. In those early days, the softness of a baby’s skin, the warmth of their breath, and the scent that lingers between their cheeks and ears are all part of the beautiful experience of new parenthood. By capturing newborns nestled in the loving embrace of mom or dad, I aim to freeze those precious moments in time and convey the depth of love and connection that exists.

Newborn with her Big Brother
Big brother holds his newborn baby sister for the first time at home
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

You see when I use to come to your home to photograph your brand-new newborn I had rules. The number one rule was to book me for the first 10 days of that precious baby’s life. TEN days! Ok, let’s break that down some. Baby is born on the first (like my 3rd child was). If this is/was your first baby and you birthed them vaginally you stay at the hospital normally for at least two days, so now it’s the 3rd. And, if you had a c-section you are there at least 3-4 days.

Cherished Family Moments: Newborn photography sessions provide an opportunity to capture the authentic dynamics and tender moments that unfold naturally within a family. It’s about capturing the pure joy, the gentle caresses, and the heartfelt glances shared between parents and their newborns. These genuine interactions tell a story, one that showcases the love and adoration that surrounds the arrival of a precious little one.

Ok, so we are on the 4th because you aren’t going to normally book a session that day UNLESS you book the fresh 48 with me {which is different I’m there for less than an hour}. But, we are talking about a normal newborn session. I use to come into your home with a TON of equipment {blankets, trash bags, wraps, heater, beanbag} the entire 9 works. It looked like I was moving in!

Embracing Authenticity: Newborns are naturally adorable, cute, and cuddly, just as they are. While it can be tempting to pose them in fun and creative ways, I firmly believe in embracing the authenticity of those early days. Letting them be newborns, unposed and undisturbed, allows their true essence to shine through in the photographs. Every yawn, tiny hand, and fleeting expression holds an undeniable charm that deserves to be cherished.

And the majority of the time I was there it was at least a 3-hour session. Can you imagine three entire hours with your photographer mostly holding that new precious gift you just came home with? I mean listen I’ve told you I want to hold your baby to get my baby fix and I mean that but I wouldn’t dare be a baby hog.

If that’s what you are looking for I have a list of amazing photographers to refer you out to. But I truly believe I can capture the joy of your sweet newborn in a lifestyle session way. Meaning again in your arms as well as maybe on your bed to show how tiny they are. I always suggest that we head to their nursery and capture images there. If you want to snuggle on the sofa with your family I will capture that joy as well!

Lifestyle Newborns Photos

Preserving Priceless Memories: By capturing newborns in the arms of their parents, we preserve more than just a photograph. We capture the emotions, the love, and the overwhelming sense of awe that parents experience when they hold their newborn for the first time. These images become cherished memories, treasured reminders of the incredible journey of parenthood and the joy that their little one brings to their lives.

Newborns Photo
Newborn Photos by Stacy

So, if you’re looking for newborn photography that celebrates the beauty of your baby being snuggled and cuddled in your loving arms, I am here to capture those moments for you. Let’s create a collection {ask about my yearbook plans – investment as low as $100} of photographs that beautifully reflect the love, tenderness, and authenticity of this extraordinary chapter in your life.




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