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Better vacation pictures | Four Souls Photography Pro Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos in the Year Ahead

Taking better vacation pictures is a goal every year to just be better than last year. My family and I recently returned from a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, where we planned our trip around our kids’ AAU basketball program. {GO Supreme!!} The first three days were absolutely fantastic, with beautiful weather and incredible moments. I’m talking the sun shining and it was nice and hot like the perfect beach weather! Our youngest got a chance to head to the beach and enjoy but our daughter had a game that day the in-laws took him sooooo we missed out. We just knew we would be However, Mother Nature decided to shake things up, and rain greeted us for the remainder of our stay, right up until our last day. Nevertheless, I was determined to capture the memories, so I grabbed my trusty iPhone and snapped pictures of our time there. I also took plenty of videos, as I love creating monthly compilations to share with our family. Despite the unexpected weather, we made the most of our vacation and created lasting memories.

Better vacation pictures | Four Souls Photography

What would a vacation be without photos to commemorate it? Whether you plan to take photos on your smartphone or have a DSLR that you travel with, here are some tips to make these your best vacation photos yet. {Better vacation pictures}

Beach umbrella

Know When to Shoot | Better vacation pictures

Lighting is the basis of every good photo. If you want soft, flattering images, plan your photos during golden hour. This is the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset when the sun is low on the horizon. You also get some of the best colors in the sky during this time. Yes, you don’t necessarily want to get up early on your vacation, but the end result is well worth it.

Vacation image with a sun hat and Macbook

Plan What You Want to Shoot | Better Vacation Pictures

Most vacation photos happen in the moment. However, if there are certain sites and landmarks you want to see, plan some shots ahead of time. This way, you come home with some print-worthy shots of your destination as well as your family or friends. When setting up your shots, work with the rule of thirds. Basically, imagine your photo is divided by three horizontal and vertical lines. Whatever you want to focus on in the shot should be placed at one of the intersections.

Black female with her legs in the water.

Tell a Story

Along with the planned shots, don’t forget to capture candid shots too–these are what help tell the story of your vacation. Candid shots showcase the emotions and mood of that exact moment and they will take you back every time.

Vacation shawdow image

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Since you will have some extra time on vacation, use this as a chance to experiment. Play around with your camera’s settings and don’t be afraid to bring some motion into the shots. Many of today’s camera phone settings make it that much easier to capture life as it happens. Step out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you.

As a final tip, don’t forget to be in some of the photos yourself. You will want to look back on some personal memories too. PS: Get them off your cell phone, please. Back them up, print them, share them save them… pop over here to read additional ideas here on the blog. If you have ideas you want to share let’s talk about them here in the comments or better yet pop over to Facebook and let’s talk about it there as well. Don’t forget to make the most out of things in the event mother nature comes and takes things over with nonstop pouring rain. I mean get the videos of the rain sound or the kids playing in their rainboots in the rain.

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