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Small Business Monday’s Mentions: Hello and welcome to our new Monday tradition!

Starting today, I’ve pledged to spotlight a local small business each week, amplifying their name and celebrating their incredible contributions to our community. Having worked alongside numerous small business owners, I understand the importance of community and discovering your tribe in the entrepreneurial world. It’s about finding your business bestie, your support network, and your fellow dream chasers.

Join me on this exciting journey every Monday as we shine a spotlight on a remarkable local business, showcasing its unique story, offerings, and the passion behind their brand.

Let’s uplift and support each other on this vibrant small business journey!

Small Business Monday’s:

Picture this: a teenage me, diving into natural remedies and cringing at the overpowering scent of chemical cleaners.

Yeah, I was that eco-nerd. Fast forward to motherhood, and my commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle took flight. Suddenly, I was that friend who always had a reusable straw and carried my cutlery set wherever I went.

Entrepreneurs that care about our environment by Four Souls Photography
Small business whom prides themselves on composting.

My dedication to a “crunchy” lifestyle—minimalist, eco-conscious, and utterly practical—only intensified after embracing a vegan diet. But let’s jump to this past October when serendipity introduced me to Kelley, the genius behind Gift Curated Collections. Let me tell you, meeting her was like finding a kindred spirit.

Small business mention Monday by Four Souls Photography

Kelley, a former nurse, ventured into the realm of meaningful gifting post-pandemic. And let me just say, that she has truly found her calling. Her mantra, “People don’t want junk!” echoes in every aspect of her collections. She’s all about cultivating thoughtful gifts for any occasion. What’s more, Kelley firmly believes that shopping small fuels a sense of community—one that I’ve been championing for ages.

Vendor table image by Stacy with Four Souls Photography

The spark? Kelley’s passion and purpose behind each curated collection. It’s not merely about giving gifts; it’s about making a statement—a statement against meaningless, throwaway presents. And boy, does her fervor align perfectly with mine!

Local curated gifts image by Four Souls Photography
Gift boxes image outside by Four Souls Photography

Kelley’s collections tell stories. They’re about making conscious choices, choosing gifts that resonate and create lasting memories. Her unwavering commitment to meaningful gifting is infectious.

Support Small Business
People don't want junk - Gift curated Collections by Four Souls Photography

So, here’s a heartfelt shout-out to Kelley and her brainchild, Gift Curated Collections. It’s time to step away from conventional gifting and embrace a purpose-driven approach. Let’s rally behind this small business that’s making a real difference, one gift at a time.

Pop over to Instagram and give Kelley a follow! Be sure to tell her I sent you!

Just here for the highlights? Kelley’s forte lies in crafting personalized, thoughtful gift boxes for any occasion. From curated collections to meaningful gifting, she’s your go-to for unique, purposeful presents. Reach out to Kelley to order your bespoke gift box today!

Ready to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit? Let’s capture the essence of your amazing business through the lens! Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, let’s tell your story together. Reach out and book your session today, and let’s create some stunning visuals that truly highlight what you’re all about!




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