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Hey there, momma, are you ready?! It’s that time of year! As I write this post my kid’s last day of school is today! Summer Fun Starts Now! Your Northern Virginia Summer Bucket List for Kids (part 1)

School outSummer Fun Starts Now! Your Northern Virginia Summer Bucket List for Kids (part 1)

It’s time to do all we can to stop them from becoming insanely bored or making enough TikToks for a lifetime! Summer Fun Starts Now! Your Northern Virginia Summer Bucket List for Kids (part 1) This is a two-part blog to share the top 10 things to keep you and your kids busy this summer.

Let’s kick off your summer with a fantastic bucket list of activities to enjoy right here in our beautiful region.

Curly haired momma holding her six month old son outside in a park by Four Souls Photography
Schools out Summer Fun Starts Now! Your Northern Virginia Summer Bucket List for Kids (part 1)

1️⃣ Splash-tastic Water Adventures: Dive into summer by visiting local water parks, splash pads, or swimming pools. One of our family favorites is the AV Symington Aquatic Center or Franklin Park Pool Beat the heat, make a big splash, and have a blast with your friends and family. I stumbled on this list of waterparks created by Dulles Moms.

Middle School Age girl on Leesburg rooftop by Four Souls Photography
Tween girl on Leesburg Roof Top | Four Souls Photography

2️⃣ Explore Nature’s Wonders: Northern Virginia is home to stunning parks and nature reserves. Take a hike, have a picnic, or go on a bike ride along scenic trails like the W&OD or Mount Vernon Trail. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for wildlife and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Preschool age little Boy | Four Souls Photography

3️⃣ Discover Local Museums: Get ready to expand your knowledge and ignite the curiosity of your little ones. Visit the fascinating museums in our area, such as the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the National Museum of American History, or the Children’s Science Center Lab.

Four year old girl in a yellow dress in a field smiling.
Four year old girl in a yellow dress with her right hand up smiling.

4️⃣ Fun at the Farm: Enjoy a day of farm adventures at local farms and orchards. Pick your own fruits, pet adorable animals, and savor delicious treats. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about agriculture and experience the joys of rural life.

Mother and her six year old son sitting in a field laughing.

5️⃣ Creative Arts and Crafts: Unleash the inner artist and explore your creativity. Join art workshops, craft classes, or summer camps focused on painting, pottery, or other artistic endeavors. Let their imagination soar!

Three year old little girl holding wild flowers in a yellow sun dress walking away from the camera in a field.
Two year old little boy holding a toy motorcycle with a afro.

Part 2 is live and you can find it here. I would love to tag along and capture your fun! Book a session here.




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