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Today on the blog I am sharing what a lifestyle photoshoot session can look like…


Speed check

Chickens check

{not noted in the title are the other animals found here at this loving home, goats, a rabbit, rooster, dogs, cats, iguana, and previously owned a pet deer and after our session a pet raccoon. Add in two very active children and you have a home FULL of love!

Four chickens and a rooster in their pin.
Six year old girl holding a baby chick outside their pin.  Bottom left the same girl attempts to pick up a baby chick and on the right she stands outside the chicken house with her mom.

I recall a few years ago after they purchased the dirt bike for “C” how hard he worked to learn to ride it. He would often be overwhelmed and frustrated but would continue to dust himself off and get back on. In my opinion, he was doing his best to imitate his dad as he rides a motorcycle. He’s not even five yet however, this kid knows how to handle this dirt bike like a pro!

Four year old boy with a helmet on riding his Honda dirt bike.
Four year old boy riding his dirt bike on gravel.
Two black and white images of four year old boy with cowboy boots on parking his dirt bike as well as one color image.
Four year old boy looking at the camera with blue eyes.
Moving images of a four year old boy riding his dirt bike on gravel.

“P” has even learned to pick up speed on it!

Seven year old girl with her swimsuit on riding a dirt bike.

Maybe a better title would have been dirt bikes and cowboy boots!

Seven year old girl with bike helmet on.
Seven year old girl riding a Honda dirt bike in her backyard with a swimsuit and cowboy boots on.

Not pictured is the zip line in the backyard as well as the creek. What momma calls her little slice of heaven. I’m sure I will be back to capture them playing there as well. In the meantime, it was a hot summer day so I watched them play in the water.

Four year old boy sliding down a pool slide into water.
Seven year old girl sliding into the water on a waterslide.

Thanks “P” & “C” for allowing me to follow you around for the evening with my camera. I had fun and I hope you did as well! Thanks to their momma for booking based on my summer bucket list suggestions. {Did you miss that? It was sent out to my newsletter subscribers. If you would like to have it feel free to use the contact me page at the top and I can get it to you.}

Until next time! ~ Stacy


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