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Bask in the Beauty: Sunflower Mini Sessions

It’s almost that time of year! The last time I checked the fields weren’t open just yet but we should be getting close. Sunflowers are tall gorgeous flowers. Sessions will only take place during the week as the weekends are crazy packed! If you are interested in booking please email me at:

I can’t wait for these to take place!

Girl in a jumper walking running her hands across Sunflowers
High School Senior sitting in a Sunflower field | Bask in the Beauty: Sunflower Mini Sessions
Girl with her left hand in her hair sitting in the sunflower field.
Girl laying upside down with sunflowers in her hair.
Girl with blonde hair smelling sunflowers, with her eyes open.
Girl with blonde hair smelling sunflowers, with her eyes closed.
Girl holding sunflowers.
Girl holding sunflowers with a profile view she's not looking at the camera.
Girl sitting chris-cross-applesauce holding a basket of sunflowers with a sign placed behind her that says "you are my sunshine"



Hey there! It’s almost that time of year for Sunflower minis! The fields aren’t open just yet, but we’re getting close. These tall and gorgeous flowers are perfect for capturing beautiful moments. Remember, sessions are only available during the week as weekends are super busy. If you’re interested in booking, shoot me a message here. Can’t wait for these sessions!



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